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frequently asked questions

The sales and marketing industry is one that has no ceilings in a lot of regards. However, this culture of almost unlimited growth comes with it's drawbacks -- most specifically it is a very challenging industry. Some of us love this type of environment. See below for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS pertaining to the day to day of an entry level candidate within our company.

1. Does tru-CONNECT do marketing or strictly sales for it's clients?
We are very involved in the marketing efforts of our clients as far as research, cooperation in promotional strategy and targeting specific market demographics most conducive to success. We understand the need for strategy and efficiency in the distribution of products and acquisitions of new customers. With that said ALL entry level representatives would be very much involved in sales for most likely the first year of their career here regardless of education or experience within the marketing industry. Without understanding the basic principles of impulse sales we feel it would be impossible to strategize the resources needed to get a consumer or business owner to "buy" anything. In our honest opinion there is no difference between sales and marketing. However, we understand people, especially the newest generation of college graduates, treat them as two separate industries.

2. How long does it take to get promoted to a management position?
The sales and marketing industry is a performance based business from top to bottom. Advancement here is based upon merit measured across multiple different facets including, but definitely not restricted to sales results. However, we have found it generally takes roughly 8-12 months for someone to gather the necessary skills to be promoted into some form of management role.

3. Does tru-CONNECT do door to door sales?
We are very heavily involved in the direct outside sales business. We put together campaigns with our clients focusing on a direct sales approach targeting residential customers as well as commercial businesses. It has proved to be an effective approach in today's market place and we will continue to use a direct sales approach both residentially, commercially and through event marketing as our clients needs require it. We, however, are not restricted to these methods.

4. Do all of the sales reps work strictly off commission?
We have multiple forms of payment which are negotiated during the campaign and client negotiation process. WE DO have representatives that operate on a 100% commission pay schedule. We also have employees who work on different types of payment (base plus commission, various forms of a profit share, etc.) based on what fits that particular person's situation and the client contract in effect. The lion share of our clients and their direct sales campaigns are negotiated on a commission or performance base pay or bonus in some form as is common within the sales and marketing industry.